About Annex

    Annex Aalto 2017 is all about 21st Century Darwinism. The theme is divided into two evenings and two full sets of program that go by the names Corporate Survival and Mind Games. Through these different points of view we explore how bigger companies and us as individuals can blossom in the age of fast change, digitalization and robotization!

    Studio Sessions

    After an introductory talk it's time to get our hands dirty. These so called Studio Sessions are not about posing for a photo but working in groups to learn new concrete skills with the help of our guests. Read the full descriptions below!

    Studio Sessions are the only pieces of program at Annex Aalto that you need to sign up for. The registration is open from 16.1. to 22.1. and there is a limited amount of seats available! Check out our Facebook page and event for the registration form.


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